SBA Lending Opportunity

Are you looking for ways to increase your SBA 7(a) production? One industry that you might not have considered is Poultry.

As you drive across the countryside you will notice that the poultry industry is rapidly expanding. New projects are popping up everywhere with most being the so called “super houses.” These super houses can cost upwards to $500,000 each with all of the equipment and other infrastructure. Most farms these days will include 6-8 houses or more so its easy to see how a poultry project can add up to a sizable loan amount, especially when you factor in the cost of the land.

New projects are not the only opportunities in this fast growing industry. Refinancing debt and modernizing existing houses are also a way to get into the market. Additionally, we occasionally see successful operations being sold and these can be treated like any other business acquisition.

Don’t let this growing opportunity get past you! Let us know how we can help.

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