Why make SBA loans?

  • Reduced risk to the bank with SBA guaranty
  • Excellent source of premium income
  • Ongoing servicing income
  • Reduced reserve requirements
  • Increased liquidity/existing debt
    refinance opportunities
  • Increased product offering
  • Retains and attracts customers
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Small Business Resource Associates provides community banks with the training and support necessary allowing them to have a fully functioning SBA program, without the large investment in people and infrastructure. SBRA also supports bank’s involvement in the USDA Business and Industrial Loan Program.

With today's capital constraints, liquidity issues, and market conditions SBA loans have never been a more necessary part of a bank's product offering. Also, banks have become increasingly reliant on fee income and the secondary market for SBA loan sales continues to produce very attractive premiums.

We have over 30 years of experience in all aspects of SBA lending and can help a bank be a leading SBA lender in their market. Contact Us today!

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